What is everyday Resilience and why do i need it?

Have you ever felt like everything was getting on top of you?

That all you want to do is just stop, get off the roller coaster, recuperate and figure out how you got yourself to this point in the first place?

​In our continually demanding and ever changing world that we live in, it is easy to feel under pressure and as if the control within your life is slipping away from you.

No two people are a like

We all experience and cope with external pressures in different ways. Some people are fortunate not be fazed under substantial pressure. While the large majority of us aren’t as fortunate and minor setbacks in our lives can result in our confidence and wellbeing being greatly impacted upon.

The skills and ability to deal with setbacks and challenges such as a relationship break up, pressing deadlines, financial difficulties and family or workplace stress is called 'resilience' and has to be developed further for most people.

Everyday Resilience

Resilience is often termed the ability to bounce back under adverse pressure. This is true, but it gives the impression that being resilient is only needed and practiced when challenged. But that's not the case!

Having the ability to cope well and maintain a healthy balance of wellbeing when faced with all the daily challenges and heartache life throws at you is called everyday resilience.

Everyday resilience is a way of being – it is a deliberate and conscious choice to live your life in a particular way to help you maintain mental energy and wellbeing, manage everyday pressures and to live a satisfying and fulfilling life.

The 5 Key areas of resilience 

​There are 5 key areas within our everyday resilience that can either keep us strong or hold us back from being at our best.  It’s important to be aware of these areas and strengthen them, so that you can remain well and balanced despite life's pressure or challenges.

The 5 key areas are Mind-set, Confidence, Moral Compass, Control & Support.  Click on the links below to learn more about each area.

  • Maintain a Positive mindset
  • Boost your confidence
  • Stay in control
  • Find your moral compass
  • Building your tower of support


This is about having or developing a positive and encouraging mind-set that enables you to approach challenges with an optimistic attitude and enables you to remain confident, calm and motivated.

Having a mind-set that focuses on solutions to problems as opposed to dwelling on problems has a great impact upon your outlook and wellbeing, especially when experiencing pressures or difficulties in life.  Nobody likes the 3am worries!

How resilient are you?

​If you'd like to learn more about your own 'everyday resilience' why not take my ‘How resilient are you?’ questionnaire to help you to gain some insight into what your strengths and areas of need are within the 5 key areas.  It is accompanied with 25 suggestions and activities  to help you boost your resilience should you need it! Click on the 'Yes Please' button below to learn more.

Ursula WoodStress & Ovewhelm Coach

Ursula Wood is a Stress & Overwhelm Certified-Coach from sunny West Yorkshire, U.K, who works with hardworking individuals who get to a point in their lives where they feel and say "...I can't cope anymore".

​She owns her own business called Your Expert Self, which specialises in providing practical stress & overwhelm coaching-based workshops, resources and support, both in-person and online. Ursula loves the outdoors and can often be found out running or walking, especially in green spaces.