Developing Personal Resilience Training

It has been good to actually find out what personal resilience is and how to different aspects can affect me.

The mind traps were particularly useful to allow me to see what it is I fall into when approaching a situation. I think this has definitely made me think about how I approach tricky situations! I has made me think that I need to be more open and stop worrying about what other people are thinking,

I will use the mind traps with other staff in my year group.

I found the second session easier to engage with as it was more practical.

All the handouts were useful to reflect back on.

Maybe a print out of the slides could have helped to make notes alongside as trainer was speaking.

I would recommend this training to other staff in school, I feel that it would make them see things in a bigger picture.

D. Bains Teacher: Lapage Primary School, West Yorkshire. UK. January 24, 2017