Developing Personal Resilience Training

The training was useful for me as it’s shown me strategies to help me manage situations that I find can panic me or even wind me up. Also it’s helped me reflect on the way I think through and refer to situations and I’m hoping that I won’t slip into any of the ‘traps’ we discussed.

Now the training has finished, I’m hoping when I’m presented with any issues I will be able to demonstrate my own priorities and be able to lead conversations to try and gain an outcome I happy with. I might even start saying “No”! I enjoyed the activities where we were discussing and completing things practically. I also liked the thinking traps.

The training was friendly and encourage and involved a lot of honest reflection. Also, we were shown areas of development if we didn’t notice it ourselves – like slipping into thinking traps.

I would recommend the training as it’s been a great opportunity to reflect and also to work closely with colleagues who I don’t necessarily work with very often – it’s been good to see pockets of strength and skill elsewhere and gives me an idea of people who I can talk to about different things.

Year 4 Teacher (TLR)

K. Fletcher Teacher: Lapage Primary School, West Yorkshire. UK. January 24, 2017