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Welcome To The ​Stress & Resilience Online Shop

The shop opened July 2017 and more classes and resources will be added as the year rolls out! 

All self-coaching resources and classes within the YES shop are designed for practical use and are easy to follow. All offer instant access and are created through the work carried out within my coaching practice with individuals, similar to yourself, who required support to manage the impact a difficult situation was having within their life.  

Side Stepping Arrrrgh Thinking - 1 Hour Class

1 hour ​Online Class



Put 'Overthinking' And Unhelpful Mind Chatter Back In It's Place.

Are you ready to let go of overthinking and any accompanying overwhelming feelings?

If so, this easy to follow 1 hour online self-coaching class and 3 accompanying practical resources have been designed to help you put overthinking back in it's box (yep, I can assure you, you have it in you to do just that!).  Are you ready to learn how?

4 Step Tool To Tackle A Stressful Situation - Resource

​Practical Self-Coaching Resource



Get Back In The Driving Seat And Tackle Stress Head On.

Are you feeling a tad swamped by a current situation?

Don't despair, everyone experiences stress and challenges from time to time, resulting in them feeling overwhelmed.  

The good news is this easy to follow step-by-step practical self-coaching resource has been designed to help you get clear on your thoughts, take stock of your situation and begin to make positive movement forward. Sound like something you're after?

7 Steps To Get Yourself Unstuck - Resource

​Practical Self-Coaching Resource



Stop Tying Yourself In Knots And Break Free From Feeling Stuck.

Would you like to break free of a problem, let go of frustration and find a solution?

Who wouldn't right?!

Well this easy to follow 7 Step practical self-coaching resource has been thoughtfully created to help you to gain perspective on a current situation/problem, explore and identify the solution, get motivated and take action to to get yourself unstuck and move forward.  Are you ready to get unstuck?

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