YES Workshops

There are lots of other people, just like you, determined to put their wellbeing and the things that are important to them first too.

​I offer face to face workshops and classes that cover the 5 key areas of everyday resilience to help support you to develop the skills and knowledge you require to remain well and in control of your life and wellbeing.

​The 5 area's of everyday resilience are ...

  • Maintain a Positive mindset
  • Boost your confidence
  • Stay in control
  • Find your moral compass
  • Building your tower of support


Being aware and able to identify yours and other people’s emotions is a game changer. It enables you to be able to manage and negotiate how you want to react to situations and people.

This has a great impact not only on your relationships with others but on your overall wellbeing when dealing with life’s difficulties.

How YES Workshops & Classes can support you . . .

Your Expert Self (YES) wellbeing and resilience workshops are designed to support you to develop the skills and techniques you need to get unstuck in a particular area of your life, build a resilient MIND-SET and take your life in the direction you choose.

I understand from my own personal experience and through supporting other people, that IMPROVING your situation can sometimes feel like an overwhelming task to take on – even when you know you’ll BENEFIT from it!

Learning how to get unstuck, boost your confidence and take control of your wellbeing on your own can sometimes feel HARD! Especially when you’re trying to stay strong and function within the actual situation you’re trying to improve.

That’s why all my workshops come with accompanying after-workshop support. That way you get all the support you require – keeping you motivated and on track to achieve the positive change you desire.

If you’re ready to get unstuck, boost your wellbeing and make positive change within your life take a look at my upcoming workshops & classes below.

The training was useful for me as it’s shown me strategies to help me manage situations that I find can panic me or even wind me up. Also it’s helped me reflect on the way I think through and refer to situations and I’m hoping that I won’t slip into any of the ‘traps’ we discussed  continue reading

Developing Personal Resilience Workshop​ (July 2016)

K. Fletcher 
Primary School Teacher

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