Life with all its ups and downs can sometimes feel a bit challenging leading to us getting bogged down or even stuck- wouldn’t you agree?

This is where coaching comes in!

Coaching is where a coach supports you to get unstuck, develop personal skills and achieve your potential.

Through carefully listening, questioning and utilising coaching techniques they support you to take a positive attitude towards learning and discovering what is holding you back. As a result, any challenges or negative self-limiting beliefs are uncovered and turned into positive movement forward.

The aim of coaching is always to support you to keep motivated, accountable and on track towards achieving your set intentions!

Coaching isn’t for you if you’re looking for …

  • Someone to give you advice
  • Therapy, counselling or psychotherapy
  • A magic wand – you have to work at it, in coaching!

What type of coaching do I typically offer . . .

The individuals I work with often choose my coaching to support them to improve their confidence, mind-set, wellbeing or work-life balance.

Ursula :)

My recent work includes coaching around…

  • Dealing effectively with home/work life stress
  • Improving assertiveness skills at work
  • Enhancing confidence and a positive mind-set
  • Managing negative work relationships
  • Returning to work after illness
  • Staying strong and in control in the face of adversity
  • Juggling life and caring responsibilities
  • Achieving a healthy lifestyle

Coaching with me can also offer other extra benefits such as . . .

  • Improved wellbeing and resilience
  • Improved self confidence
  • More control within your life
  • Less worry
  • More energy
  • More focus and sense of direction
  • More motivation
  • More self-awareness and knowledge around who you’re as an individual and your strengths

They can all come as a coaching benefit, at no extra cost!

Need to know more?

You’re probably asking yourself the same questions most people ask themselves when exploring coaching.

What do I have to do? How long does coaching take? What will a coach do? How much will it cost? How long does coaching take to work?

Good questions need answering, so please click the following links to learn more . . .

​If you think coaching is for you or you want to know more please

get in touch for a non-obligatory chat and i'll be happy to help.  

Ursula :)

What people I have coached say:

Coaching Client

Ursula helped me try and change a certain habit which unfortunately at the time was preventing me from seeing my true potential. I found the self-management plan and emergency plan extremely helpful. Putting these into place has enabled me to make the right changes in my life. So much so, that I have now decided Continue Reading

Sue Practice Nurse West Yorkshire, UK. January 24, 2017

Coaching Client

Ever since I was very young, I have been prone to anxiety. This became a serious problem after a work related incident, triggering severe depression, which required medication. Counselling helped me understand the background to my illness, but even after several other forms of therapy, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, I still found myself prone Continue Reading

Su Mitchell West Yorkshire, UK. January 24, 2017