1 Hour Online Classes

Welcome To 1 Hour Online ​Stress & Resilience Classes

The 1 Online Classes page launched July 2017 and more classes will be added as the year rolls out!

All 1 hour online classes are thoughtfully put together versions of my in-person workshops for individuals who want to learn the skills required to boost their confidence, mind-set and resilience without having to attend one of my workshops (particularly busy working mums and those who work shift patterns or aren't local) .

With the use of an accessible, easy to follow teaching video and practical, printable digital resources (PDF), all classes support you to learn all the skills and 'know how' you'll need to tackle your situation within the comfort of your own home.

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Side Stepping Arrrrgh Thinking - 1 Hour Class

1 hour ​Online Class



Put 'Overthinking' And 'Mind Chatter' Back In It's Place. 

Are you ready to let go of overthinking and any accompanying overwhelming feelings?

If so, this easy to follow 1 hour online self-coaching class and 3 accompanying practical resources have been designed to help you put overthinking back in it's box (yep, I can assure you, you have it in you to do just that!).  Are you ready to learn how?

Not Long Until New Classes Land On The Page!

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