4 things you’re probably overlooking that lead to bad decisions

Are your daily decisions leading you to the results you actually want in your life?

We make thousands of decisions daily. Small decisions from what to wear and eat, to more important decisions such as what to do with your life or who to have in it. But are your decisions actually leading you towards, or moving you away from what you actually want or desire from your life?
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How to Avoid Losing Your Mojo When Under Pressure

The pressure we are under in our everyday lives often goes undetected; sometimes we’re so busy getting everything done that we just don’t realise how much pressure we’re putting on ourselves. There will always be situations in your lives that are out of your control, but there are plenty of practical ways you can manage the amount of pressure you’re under. Read More …

Self-Coaching corner – how to manage ‘argh’ thinking

This week in coaching corner we’re exploring mindset. So here are some helpful tips to boost your mind-set if you fall into ‘Arghhh’ thinking!

‘Arghh’ thinking is just another term for catastrophizing to the point that you imagine the worst case scenario happening, in which you believe you just couldn’t cope.
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