Self Coaching Corner – Self Doubt

Welcome to my weekly self- coaching corner, as I say each week, I believe as individuals we have the answer to our problems and situations within us already and asking yourself questions can help with this!


So this is an opportunity each week for you to use helpful questions and resources to help you gain a different perspective on a situation.



Self-doubt in a nutshell means you lack confidence in yourself and your abilities. This is experienced by most of us, at least one time or another in our lives (but let’s be realistic if your human, it’s definitely more than once!). Self-doubt can be something that just lingers in the background, jumping on us with ‘what if’s’ as and when it feels like it. Or it can be triggered by things such as, a change in life occurrence or when we begin to work towards a desire that sits outside our comfort zone. Whatever the cause, the affect can be weakening if allowed. Lack of confidence within yourself or your abilities can result in unconscious self-limiting thoughts and beliefs coming out to play and diminishing your self-confidence further. If you are not aware of this cycle of chatter, you can easily be influenced by what your mind tells you, which is great if it is beneficial. But not so great, when it disempowers you and limits you.


So to help you manage self-doubt and mind chatter, ask yourself some of the following questions;

  • Is my ‘thought or belief’ actually true? Do I have evidence/facts to back it up or is it something that I only ‘think’ or ‘believe’ is true?



  • What is the worst thing that could happen if I took action and did what I wanted to?



Self-coaching tips;

  • Whenever you feel self-doubt is being experienced, get a pen and get all the negative talk down on paper. Once it is out of your head, it quickly helps to quieten the inner chatter and expose the negative talk for what it is- not as scary on paper, as it is in your head!



  • If you are aware that your self-doubt is based upon nothing but an unbeneficial belief, begin to build positive self-talk into your routine to help counter balance the negative talk. When a negative thought or belief comes up, you can remind yourself why it is not true dragon city generator no survey and what the truth/fact of the situation actually is.


Speak to you soon
Ursula 🙂