Self-Coaching corner – how to manage ‘argh’ thinking

This week in self-coaching corner we're exploring mindset. So here are some helpful tips to boost your mind-set if you fall into 'Arghhh' thinking!

'Arghh' thinking is just another term for catastrophizing to the point that you imagine the worst case scenario happening, in which you believe you just couldn't cope.

It's when the inner voice tells you . . .​

  • You're no good
  • You're going to fail​
  • You're not going to cope

Sound familiar?

I'd agree bad things do happen in life, I've had my fair share of experiences to know that!

However, it's best not to indulge in 'what if' thinking to the point that your mind is on overdrive.

If that's you, here are some tips to manage that type of thinking...

  1.   Don't give 'worry' a platform - remind yourself that what you're thinking is not actually happening yet & may not even happen at all.

2.    Remind yourself that you're more capable than you give yourself credit for- you will cope!

3.   If your thoughts are scaring you, ask yourself; what's the worst that can happen? And then; how could i best handle this case scenario outcome?

Exploring what actions you'd take helps you to gain a sense of control again.

Good luck - let me know how you get on!​

Take care

Ursula :)

Ursula WoodStress & Ovewhelm Coach

Ursula Wood is a Stress & Overwhelm Certified-Coach from sunny West Yorkshire, U.K, who works with hardworking individuals who get to a point in their lives where they feel and say "...I can't cope anymore".

​She owns her own business called Your Expert Self, which specialises in providing practical stress & overwhelm coaching-based workshops, resources and support, both in-person and online. Ursula loves the outdoors and can often be found out running or walking, especially in green spaces.