More About Ursula

Ursula is the founder of Your Expert Self, an online and face-to-face coaching and training service for determined individuals who want to develop a resilient MIND-SET and live life on their terms.

She is an accredited Trainer and Performance Coach, offering over 15 years’ of experience supporting and developing others within the field of Health & Social Care.


She holds just shy of 10 years’ experience running accredited & non-accredited personal development courses and training groups of up to 200 people in the private, public and voluntary sector.

Not so long ago she had the privilege of being a Registered Nurse, working within the Nursing and Advocacy sector, supporting others to learn key skills to assert themselves and overcome challenges within their lives.

Ursula, a few years ago decided to take the plunge, practice what she preached and start living life on her terms by founding Your Expert Self.


Ursula has a varied level of Professional and Academic qualifications up to degree level, including Nursing, Social Policy, Coaching, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy and Teaching.

Current work

She now provides wellbeing and resilience training and coaching support for strong-willed individuals who want to regain control within their lives, as well as to Businesses, Schools and School-Centred Initial Teacher Training centres (SCITT).

If you’d like Ursula to speak at your event or deliver bespoke wellbeing and resilience training for your group or business, please head over to the Business page for more information.


Ursula really appreciates the outdoors and open space, as it helps her to relax and re-energize.   She loves learning, especially anything to do with the mind and behaviour, problem solving and developing herself and others; it serves her well and helps her to continue to fulfil her potential!

She is a mother to two children that are growing faster than she can keep up, and is fortunate to have the support of her partner, Richard.

She is known to those that know her well as a determined, broadminded, creative, humorous and compassionate individual.  Who has always had an innate want for justice and to help others improve their lives, which sheds light on why she worked in Advocacy for so many years.  She has for the past years worked within the area of teaching and training and enjoyed this immensely, and as you can see she has not moved away from it yet!